Why Join ISKY ?

Unique mission

What we have been striving for is to create a better life for humanity. ISKY is always committed to creating a better tomorrow with a unique mission, which is Stronger power, Better environment and Healthier life, by providing our quality products and professional services. If you share the same mission, join us.

Growth oriented

ISKY always prioritizes the long-term growth and development of each individual . Here you will find meaningful challenges at work, personal career tutoring and training program, which allows your professional journey with more possibilities. Growi with the company, grow together.


Here at ISKY, you are encouraged to be self-driven and self-motivated, to break your limits and to achieve higher targets. People you work with in ISKY are more than just your colleagues. They are your partners, embracing opportunities and challenges together.

Reward and Recognition

All efforts will be remembered and taken seriously. We are providing competitive compensation and benefits for you to reward your hard work and dedication.


ISKY has established branches in many cities like Changsha, Shenzhen, and Qingzhou. Meanwhile, we provide efficient and innovative spaces which are in line with our corporate culture.


We have always committed to creating an equal, transparent, and non-discriminatory culture. We fully respect people of different sexes, nationalities, and religious beliefs, and work together to create an equal, collaborative and multicultural working env


We set up different associations such as basketball and badminton clubs,We can also start-up other associations which is good for our health, interests and personal development.


In spare time, we practice our social responsibilities and corporate mission in various social programs and initiatives.

New Year's Gala

Each end of the year , we hold a New Year's Gala , celebrating achievements and enhancing team engagement, as well as motivating for a remarkable new year.

Position and Requirements

Recruitment Position Academic Requirements Number Of Recruits Place Of Work
研究开发人员 硕士及以上 若干 湖南长沙、广西钦州



Resume Delivery Mailbox:isky@iskychem.com
技术储干 本科及以上 若干 湖南长沙、广西钦州
电仪管理 本科及以上 若干 广西钦州
设备管理 本科及以上 若干 广西钦州
工艺实验技术员 本科及以上 若干 广西钦州
工艺技术员 本科及以上 若干 广西钦州

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