New Energy Materials

ISKY provides battery-grade manganese sulfate and other materials that are essential in battery cathode material for electric vehicles. In 2009, ISKY pioneered R&D and mass production of battery-grade manganese sulfate in China. With outstanding market insight and decade of expertise in this field, now ISKY operates the largest production line in China with a maximum annual capacity of 150,000 tons. We have established long-term and stable partnerships with leading customers around the world, including well-known companies like Brunp Recycling (a subsidiary of CATL), Huayou Cobalt, RAMU NICO, Jinchi Energy, Umicore, CNGR, Easpring Material Technology, Ronbay Technology, Kelong New Energy, LanzhouJintong, Guangdong Jiana, and Tianli Lithium Energy, etc. With the rapid development of the battery industry, ISKY, as one of the important members of the industry chain, will deliver better products and services to meet the growing demands of our customers and build a better tomorrow of beautiful environment.

Life Nutrition

ISKY provides mineral products such as zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, and other nutrients, which are essential for the growth and health of animals and plants. Nowadays, ISKY has established a well-developed sales network around the world with branches in North America and Hong Kong, covering 80 countries and regions spanning Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Oceania. The products and services we provide have been widely recognized by our customers all over the world, including internationally-renowned customers like Royal DSM, Alltech, Chia Tai Group, Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, Brenntag, Syngenta, Zinpro Corporation, etc. ISKY will, as always, stay committed to the well-being of animals, plants, and human beings by providing quality products and services.

Circular Economy

ISKY maximizes the utilization of valuable resources by recycling urban mins such as zinc-containing industrial solid waste, an exemplary practice in the industry to build a resource-saving and environmental-friendly society. Under the guidance of China’s Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the circular economy, ISKY continues to make efforts in recycling industrial solid wastes and used batteries to build a sustainable future.


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