ISKY Chemicals Co. Ltd

ISKY Chemicals Co. Ltd

Founded in 2000 with headquarter in Changsha city China, ISKY is dedicated to the development manufacturing, and sales of battery-grade manganese sulfate for new energy vehicles, and feed-grade manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, and other nutrients. ISKY has established R&D centers, strategy centers, and manufacturing sites in Hunan province, Shenzhen city, and Guangxi province, as well as sales subsidiaries in Hong Kong and North America.

For business of battery materials, ISKY pioneered R&D and mass production of battery-grade manganese sulfate in China, and now it operates the  production line with a maximum annual capacity of 150,000 tons.

For business of life nutrition, ISKY provides mineral products such as zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate and other nutrients, which are essential for the growth and health of animals and plants.

In terms of circular economy, ISKY maximizes the utilization of valuable resources by turning urban mines such as zinc-containing industrial solid waste into valuable resources.

Nowadays, ISKY has established a well-developed sales network over 80 countries and regions, and the products and services have been widely recognized by our customers all over the world.

ISKY has always upheld the core values of customer-focus, dedication, and sustainability, and stays committed to becoming global-leading supplier of new energy materials and life nutrition. Through resource integration and technological innovation, we continuously empower China’s early achievement in carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, which finally leads to a  greener and more sustainable future. 

Our Milestones


ISKY was founded.



ISKY started to provide life nutrition products and services for global customers. 

ISKY involved in new energy materials after successfully developing battery-grade manganese sulfate.



Since 2010, ISKY kept leading position in the export of zinc sulfate. 

ISKY North America Inc. was established



ISKY (Guangxi) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd .was established

ISKY (Hongkong)Co., LIMITED .was established.



ISKY reformed as a joint stock company.

150,000 capacity of manganese sulfate went full operation.


Corporate Culture


Our Mission


Stronger power  Better environment  Healthier life

Our Vision


World-class supplier of new energy materials and life nutrition

Our Core Values


 Customer-focus Dedication and Sustainability

Our Core Competences


Technology innovation  Market insight  Resource integration

Research and Development Strength


Social Responsibility

social responsibility

Accelerating Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality

ISKY has been in relentless pursuit of a better future for mankind with specific corporate mission.  As a critical material, battery-grade manganese sulfate manufactured by ISKY could be widely used in new energy vehicles, energy storage units, and 3C products, which power the world with low-carbon and green energy. Meanwhile, ISKY undertakes corporate social responsibility in maximizing resource potentials of urban mines such as zinc-containing industrial waste and used battery of EVs. In total ISKY contributes to build a greener and low-carbon society.

Public Welfare

ISKY is committed to social citizenship by actively participating in public welfare programs such as student care, supporting poor households, and job creation for local communities. ISKY will continue to take up more social responsibilities in building a sustainable society. 


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